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Republicans…the new “Know Nothing” Party


Is the Republican Party the new “Know Nothing” party? Although the original Know Nothings (Or should I say No Nothins?) were primarily based on anti-immgration and to some extent pro-slavery, the underlying fearful instincts were the same as we see in the contemporary Republican Party. A few examples:

1. Climate Change? I don’t know nothin about that!

2. Evolution? I don’t know nothin but the (scientific) fact that the earth was created 5,000 years ago.

3. Environmental harm from Fossil Fuel Extraction and Consumption? Don’t know nothin about that!

4. Basic Needs fulfilled by Federal Government ( roads, bridges, dams, law enforcement, prisons, air traffic control, libraries, museums, parks, public land use, etc. etc. I don’t know nothin about that! Why can’t private for-profit companies do this more efficiently?

5. The contributions of immigration in the U.S. I don’t know nothin about that!


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The Immorality of Predators


Call me naive. I believe the use of Predator remote-controlled aircraft in Pakistan and Afghanistan is immoral. The reason is simple; whoever kills by remote control has no physical risk to themselves.

The whole premise of war is that two sides in a conflict have decided to risk their lives in order to achieve their political goals. If one side has no risk of death, then it is slaughter or extermination that is taking place.

America has fought many wars. In most of them, we have enjoyed military superiority, and it is natural for each side to seek that superiority. But in none of those wars did we kill completely remotely; even the pilots who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan did so at their own risk.

The Afghan and Pakistani people will never accept the fact that Americans sitting in comfortable chairs in the suburbs of the USA are killing their people, even their enemies. Every Predator strike we make (many of which kill innocents) creates more enemies for the USA.