Class Warfare….Bring it on!

Democrats always have a problem defining issues clearly. For instance, I constantly hear pundits (without being corrected by Dems) talking about the Obama tax plan as applying to “millionaires” and “billionaires.” Not true. A millionaire has traditionally  been defined as someone who has assets of a million or more. The president’s tax plans apply to those who have taxable earnings of a million or a billion dollars or more a year. I don’t know anyone who makes that much, and I live in Pasadena! I do have a screenwriter friend who maybe makes more than a million a year, but he would never admit it. Who can even imagine making a billion a year? These people have issues more serious than paying taxes. If you’re making a billion a year, think of the time spent with accountants and lawyers.

source:Mother Jones

As you can see from the illustration above,  it’s a very small, rich bunch of people who fit in the category of million-dollar earners. Only 1 % .  That makes it 99 to one in our favor. Unlike all the other wars we’re engaged in, this one we can probably win.

The thing that I’ve never understood is how many  middle-class Republicans and Tea-Partiers who make less than $250,000 a year that support these fat-cats  at the top. I guess they will also be our enemy in the new Class War.

Why? Do they all worry that soon they will be making more than a million a year and then will have to pay extra taxes?