John Boehner…The Antithetical Jim Jones?

Poor John Boehner. Twenty years of hard work and some tears along the way to becoming the Leader of the House of Representatives. He really does seem like a decent man, the kind of man who should be in Congress, although I’m suspicious of the tears.

Nowadays, he must feel like the antithetical Jim Jones. That is, the leader whose followers went insane. Unlike the Peoples Temple group, as far as I know the Tea Party has not asked him to move to Jonestown yet.

I’ve never seen such an angry speech given by a House Leader who has just passed his own bill. Of course, to say it is his bill is a joke. It’s the bill he had to pass, for reasons of his own, not the people’s.

The bill he and the other sane members of his party would have passed was the deal President Obama presented him with and he agreed to a month ago. A bill that people like me were unhappy with, but could live with.

But, like Jim Jones, there are many things the Tea Party cannot live with. Let’s hope they meet their own sad end and get voted out of our cherished and dysfunctional Congress.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t cry, and she is happy when she passes a bill.

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